TotalCare exclusively from ProYards

    With "TotalCare," our certified professionals will visit your property monthly (March to October)

to carefully insepct your entire landscape. In addition to lawn fertilizing and weed control, we monitor

for weeds, plant disease and harmful pests and employ a multi-faceted strategy for control at no extra charge.

No more upselling services or MORE MONEY to fix problems or properly care for your yard.

Included with TotalCare for 1 low monthly price:

- Custom fertilizing and supplement program for the lawn, trees, shrubs and bedding plants

- Lawn Aeration (1 per season)

- Spring and fall home foundation sprays. (For spiders, ants, yellow jackets, and all other nuisance insects)

- Treatments for all ornamental and turf disease

- Treatment for all yard damaging pests (lawn, trees, shrubs and ornamentals)

- $40 voucher towards any sprinkler service call

- Weed control applied to the entire yard (lawn, cement cracks, hard scapes, xeriscape areas and open beds)